Signs of a toxic relationship between couples

Are you in a Toxic Relationship?

No relationship is exemplary; instead, relationships are all about imperfection! But a good connection between you and your partner, which makes you feel secure, cared, comfortable and loved always defines your growth and happiness quotient in the long run.

A Toxic relation doesn’t only affect your personal life but also has an extremely harsh impact on your the professional aspect of one’s life which might turn out to be a key factor for a lot of ups & downs in life.

A white paper research done by one of the leading health organisations in the US suggests that out of the sample size of 10,000 people approximately 58% working professionals from various walks of life happen to bear the pain of the toxic relationship and they find it extremely hard to break out of it.

But the realisation of a problem always takes you closer to the key to its solution/cure. And, my friend you’re already on the very first stair of realisation. Read on and know if your relationship is also turning into a toxic relationship.

Signs of a toxic relationship between couples

Eight Signs of a toxic relationship which can help you recognise the problem and help you come out of it:

  • Respect is leisure for you!

Mutual respect is like the base of a pizza; if the base isn’t bright pizza cannot be made. Anytime if you’re around your partner and your defensive guard automatically gets turned on; it’s a red alert for you, my friend. 

Praising your companion’s little efforts which makes you feel special can help you maturely address the issue. Put the jacket of love and happiness like a pro and spread the vibes to get the same respect, love and peace in your life.

  • Your better half controls your moves!

Whether be it a 20-year-old bond or a month-old affair; being loved by your partner is something which you’ll always fall for. From ordering coffee to planning a vacation for you, everything is fine until it starts bothering your personal space. Nothing can suffice the feeling of your partner knowing you in and out but, it invading your own space and freedom should never be on the table of compromise (no matter if it’s the outcome of their care, jealousy, insecurity or any other X factor).

Tip: Though you should never be bothered if your partner is jealous of you hanging out with your ex-lover or stops you from going to a place they feel, might not be safe/fine for you.

  • Sex is no more about love instead is a tool for manipulation!

If every time making love with your partner gives you this feeling that there is something he/she wants to get out of it, then that’s a classic indication of an overtly toxic relationship. Sex should always be a mechanism to make your bond grow stronger and not an act of force.

  • Bullying has become the next normal!

If instead of showing their support, love and care your partner starts mocking you for the silliest reasons and builds a mountain out of a molehill then its high time you start thinking about your mental health and bid goodbye to this mental abuse and enjoy your freedom.

  • Sharing your thoughts disturb you?

The sense of being psychologically nude in front of your partner is completely a bliss. If there is no feeling of ‘not pretending to be someone which you aren’t in front of your beloved’ then we highly recommend you to take a pause and find the solution.

  • Self-existence is under the radar of questioning?

Being aware of self-worth is something one should vouch for. Be it any reason if your self-existence is being questioned then life needs you to put a check upon it.

  • Growth is the reason of insecurity!

Growth is something we all crave for; be it professional, mental or life the pattern should always be on a spike irrespective of gender and age. If your partner never applauds you for your achievements or instead gets insecure about it and becomes a hindrance in your road to success then it might be the high time to move forward, Psychologist Gregory Kushnick says. 

Last but not least!

  • Your family and friends are totally against your partner!

Be it whatever age, your family and close friends will be the first one to catch you unhappy vibes before anyone else does (even you do). Let them evaluate your life pattern to find the snags in your life. Make sure you pay attention to their advice and find the path to your mental peace. Life’s big chunk goes into micromanaging relations, spreading love and caring but not at all at the cost of your happiness and self-growth.

Avoiding a toxic relationship could turn out to be a life-changer as it can bring you mental peace and a lot more you might have lost being in one. Follow your intuitions and stay happy.


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