Phones and it's influence

How to break up from your phone?

Do you get anxious when you are physically separated from your phone? Do you also feel something is missing when your phone isn’t around?… Worry not you are not alone then. In recent research by an American organisation, it has been found that the majority of the younger generation, as well as adults alike, are Nomophobic (no-mobile-phobia).

Phones and its influence

Not only mentally but emotionally, also, we are very much dependent on our cell phones. Be it getting connected to our friends, checking out social media, keep up with trends or killing boredom; our cell-phones have become our one go solution.

There used to be a time when we phones were considered to be a boon for everyone and were used only to make calls that too in rare scenarios but, with the rapid transformation of technology and sciences, it has become hard to differentiate between its positives and negative. From personal data to our precious memories, it stores everything. Thus, ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) from the world, makes us anxious about keeping our phones along wherever we go.

It’s tough for some of us when we get disconnected from the world. Knowing what’s happening around in the world through Snapchat stories, Facebook and Instagram feed has been injected deep into our nerves; prohibition of which makes us anxious and panic-stricken.

Isn’t it a time to take a break from our phones and stop being Nomophobic?

As more than half of the world’s total mobile users have become Nomophobic, now it’s high time we take the issue of ‘humans’ being controlled by technology!

Taking a break and getting detached from your phones could be the first stepping stone in order to become mentally, emotionally and physically healthier than ever; Sounds impossible though! But balancing your social and personal life can make it possible.

Life controlled by technology

Here are some essential tips that may help you to keep your phone away.

  • It’s always better to have conversation in-person rather than having a long chatting conversation.
  • Try keeping a fast, a fast from your phone which would mean going a day or half without your phone.
  • We all have habit of checking our phone as soon as we get up or before we go to bed. Thus it is advisable to keep your phones a little away from yourself before sleeping.
  • Create a ‘no phone time zone’ for yourself, i.e. stay away from your phone when you are probably working that in turn will make you more dedicated to your work and will leave you away from distractions.
  • And last but not the least, don’t stress yourself by staying up late at night and scrolling your social feeds. It’s your health that comes first and then any other thing.

Our take

Our cell phones have indeed become a living extension of our lives, and thus, we can’t even think of living without it, not even for a second maybe. Checking our notifications have become an essential part of our daily life. We seriously need to curb our addiction to our phone and live in our present moments rather than hooked with phones.


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