10 Tips to reduce belly fat

Does that hanging blubber annoy you? Does that extra share of pao with lip-smacking bhaji or that extra slice of pizza is something you never say no to? The fear of the belly pooch increasing in size has started haunting you? Are you into the race to chase those Summer body Goals set by the sexiest model in town? Worry not! We understand that belly fat is a constant issue for most of us in today’s times when there is an insane variety of junk food and pre-cooked food at our easy disposal along with our f*d-up lifestyle. We have listed down 10 different ways to lose belly fat without going that extra mile or too harsh your own self. 

Take a look 10 very simple yet effective ways to help you lose belly fat and incorporate healthy habits as a part of our lifestyle.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you are lazy enough to get up to devote time for your breakfast, it’s never too late since it might be the one thing that would help you get your dream physique. Having breakfast kickstarts your day on a high note, which in turn helps you burn some extra pounds during the day. Eating breakfast, lets your body know that there is a whole lot of food. Skipping breakfast sends a message to your body that it needs to save energy and skip burning extra calories. You can include oatmeal with fruit and nuts, chia seed pudding, overnight oats, and smoothies in your menu.

So go out there and grab your fruitilicious smoothie and lose belly fat like a pro!

Try Intermittent Fasting

Yes, Intermittent fasting is the new trend in town for losing weight weight loss.quickly. It’s all about the balance between your eating and fasting at regular intervals. You need to follow it at least thrice a month to get the appropriate benefits of the Intermittent fasting. Otherwise, you can get a little harsh on yourself and try fasting for 16 hours and eating a healthy diet in the remaining 8 hours.

DON’T you have an easy way there? Try it out and observe the difference for yourself. It might just be the hack you were waiting for.

Watch out for stress

Our generation has one problem in common, and that is none other than stress. Whether be it carrying the burden of responsibilities, facing the cruel world, performing up to the mark or any other thing. Stress increases the risk of obesity due to the increase in the stress hormone called cortisol. It is usually released when your body is under acute stress, and it causes weight gain. Relax your mind to deal with stress. Take time off and relax, do yoga, play games and do things which you love. 

Take the stairs

When it comes to losing weight, an active lifestyle plays the most important role. A person who is active or continuously moving has a rapid or good metabolism Start taking the stairs to board the metro or to grab that dress in the mall. This is a simple yet very very effective way to keep that body moving. Let’s go!!!!!

Eat lots of Fibre

Fibre acts as great fuel to get your body moving in a full pace and it also helps in regular bowel movements. It acts as a broom and keeps your body clean. Voila! That means more fibre is qual to more efficient weight loss. Fruits, beans, vegetables, root vegetables and legumes are the eateries which have the highest percentage of fibre. Go stack up against your refrigerators with them yummy snacks!!!

Make Sure to Drink Lots of Water

Water is the best detox; it stands true by the fact that it churns up all the extra waste in our body and helps to boost the metabolism. Kids of our generation are more prone to drinking those tastylicious sugary drinks and regular water, hence many of them gain those unwanted pounds at the age when they could have been at their best in terms of health. Sugary drinks will only add empty calories that contain no nutrition. Holding a tumbler full of water might do wonders for you.

Tip: If plain water doesn’t taste good, try freshening it up and changing the flavour with some lemon and other fruit slices. Also, what about green tea to help you feel refreshed!?

Stay Away From Added Sugar

If you are choosing to eat packed cookies or that extra bite of Gulab Jamun from the fridge when you choose to snack at midnight, you exactly know where you are going wrong! As unhealthy as it can be, sugary foods can make you lethargic, cause acne and also blood sugar spikes. Limiting the intake of unhealthy and processed foods can really cut down the excess stomach fat. Replace your candies, cakes, cookies and other baked food items with foods that contain natural sugar such as fruits. Whenever you crave for satiating dessert, try using healthier foods to sweeten it such as dates. We’re sure once you see the results you’d suggest it to others as well!!!

Listen to Your Body

We all can confess openly as to how many times we have eaten even after the point of fullness, referred to as overeating. Overeating has emerged to be one of the most common reasons for weight gain as your body consumes more calories than it requires. Eat the right amount of food which is good enough to keep you going yet controlled enough to keep you in shape. Try to eat a little slowly and chew your food properly to make it easier for your body to know when you are done with your food instead of shovelling food quickly in your tummy and regretting when you’re finished eating.

SO, slow down fellas chew that food slowly!!!!!!!!!!!

Engage in exercises

Most of you just want to ignore this point since you are looking for ways apart from what we all know is the most effective. How about getting a friend who you can go to an aerobics class with or setting rewards for yourself once you are through the week away and done with the exercise. Getting your heart raced up is definitely the quickest way to lose that belly fat. Also, research shows that all those who engage in exercise also have clear skin, I don’t think any other reason is required to hit the gym now!?

Also, they are likely to be happier than those who don’t and have a better sleep schedule.

Sleep like a baby

Sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle. Be it stress, weight gain/loss, health issues or any other thinking Sleep can act as a natural therapy. A white paper study done in the USA suggests that approximately 62% out the sample size of 2000 are not able to take proper sleep hence the result was clearly visible; the tiers were good enough to be used in the time of a puncture.

Our Take

Losing weight is something which has become one of the major concerns for many of us. But somewhere down the line, we forget that there are few things which are good to have and a few without which one can’t live. And, mental peace is what you require more than looking up-to-the-mark (though it is extremely important to be fit).

Take pause, halt and do the right things to get in shape instead of



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