Best Way To Grow A Beard

How to grow a beard? Go bald to bushy with these pro tips.

Many styles have come and gone, but nothing could deter the popular appeal of facial hair. Every man hopes to sport a fashionable beard and wonders how to grow a beard faster to avoid the unsightly in-between stage.

Do you think that growing a beard is a tough deal?

As per the theory, it shouldn’t be as if you want to grow a manly beard, you simply ‘grow a beard’. (Please read the 4th word of this phrase it’s just in ‘theory’! 😐)

Growing beard has always been an art, and it requires a lot of patience and efforts to cultivate a full-grown healthy beard. Follow our 10 step guide on beard growth tips and in a matter of a few weeks; you will proudly sport a meard.

how to grow a beard

Find your one-stop guide on how to grow a beard and follow it like a training programme wherein you needn’t have any personal training:

Lay of the groundwork:

First things first, if you’re planning to grow the new crop on your face which looks mansome then you need to put some groundwork to it. Shaving every day for almost a week will add on to your beard growth.

How to grow a beard

Exfoliate to impress!

You know a healthy and clean face boosts your confidence like an energy drink does to a sprinter. Exfoliate your face on regular intervals (preferably two times a day) in order to get rid of dead skin cells which eventually slows down the process of beard growth, and you’ll see how those unwanted skin cells were being a major hindrance in your dream of having that macho beardy BADASS look!

Don’t get bothered by them patchy hair!

Yes, you read it right! Bearing those patches on your face can bring too many troubles; embarrassment in front of colleagues, friends, the family is normal. But, you must have read it somewhere “great things take time to be built”; hence your beard needs that attention and care. Don’t panic! And choose your barber wisely ask him to give you the professional attention you require, and you’ll see how some patience can change the entire game.

Best Patchy beard styles

Eat right!

Our body is the reflection of what we eat! Hence, eating the right food can do the job halfway and solve your how to grow a beard? Problem by 50% in a go. Eat healthy vitamins, natural supplements and, keep the protein count in check avoid eating tablets which claim of growing beard faster, and your beard will start the take-off from your skin.

Grow beard faster

Maintain it like your physique

Growing beard ain’t as hard as maintaining it. You need to treat your beard as your an integral part of your body. Just like you workout daily (if not, then you SHOULD!) maintaining your beard should also be in your routine.

Keeping your cheek and neckline clean will make a difference among overslept on the weekend, and I’m growing a MEARD!

how to have a meard

Exercise to get essential food for your beard!

Just like our body requires food to survive and grow, our beard too requires a few elements to grow properly, and the major one amongst those is ‘testosterone’. Testosterone plays a huge role in a man’s life as it contributes to your fertility, muscle gains, sex drive, hair growth and many more.

Not only does the exercise helps improve the testosterone, but it also helps in improving the blood flow in your body. The elevated blood flow improves the nutrition and oxygen supply to your skin, which naturally solves your query of, ‘how to grow a beard easily?’

Best Way To Grow beard

Avoid Unnecessary Stress.

Stress is a key factor in a humans life. Be it anything; if you’re stressed, you’ll always struggle with everything in your life.

When you’re stressed your body produces a natural hormone called ‘cortisol‘ which reduces the production of testosterone in your body, making it extremely hard for nutrition and oxygen to spread in necessary parts of your body.

Tips to Make Beard Grow Super Fast

Water might turn into bliss!

You must be thinking that whatever you get to read this pointer for sure, That’s true as well! And we are sure that you must also be thinking about how it will affect beard growth?

But, We can’t help it, because water has many essential vitamins and minerals which your body requires for growth. Not only that; it also helps in improving the blood circulation in your body; hence, it leads to regeneration of the cells slowing down, which eventually lead to a coarser, drier beard.

Steps To Grow beard

Our Take:

Life seems good when you’ve got the meardy look which you forever dreamt of. But amongst the rush of growing your beard on point, having a masculine physique, looking dapper; don’t forget to take a pause and admire your current best. It’s better to grow always but not at the cost of the present.

Go get your beard on point! And keep coming back to read.



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