foods to avoid during periods

A dip into Menstrual food science!

From those scary blood stains to the terrifying cramps periods bring a hell 0f the roller coaster of emotions for a woman. Pain, anger, irritation, absent-mindedness, mood swings, and unexplained behaviour sucks them and the ones who come in touch with them on ‘those days’. You can’t completely abandon from these but can surely reduce it to some extent. Women generally tend to eat anything they grab their hands on and then regret that later when they get back to “normal”. Though they’re well aware of the list of ‘foods to avoid during periods’ but ignoring the health guide turns out to be a jackpot of treats for them which makes them happy for the time being but eventually this leads to nothing more than increased PMS symptoms and increased weight.


Here’s the list of foods to avoid during periods:

Processed foods

what not to eat during periods

Yes, you read it right. Those Tastylicious frozen pizzas or cookies which you love the most might only make the things worse for you. Often, packaged processed food contains unknown ingredients which can worsen menstrual pain and inflammation. So better is to avoid the intake of these unhealthy substances in your body, especially during the menstruation cycle.


avoid alcohol during periods

Say goodbye to the glass of happiness (not literally!) you were planning to have in order to get off that unwanted pain kicking the hell out in your stomach. While intake of alcohol might make the cramps go off, it can increase the chances of irregular menstrual cycles. Also, the consumption of alcohol increases the levels of estrogen in your body which means you are more to gaining those unwanted pounds around your hips and waist.

Carbonated Drinks

what to drink during periods


Those satiating sugary drinks might be the instant mood changer but as soon as the time passes it may worsen your bloating game.  Sticking to water is advisable during the monthly menstrual cycle as it eases the bloating and water retention. Carbonated beverages can also lead to mood swings, sleep difficulties, menstrual pain and irregular periods hence, you need to make sure what you drink is water and not the sparkling water.

Dairy Products

Activities to avoid during period

Dairy products usually fall under ‘Not so favourite category’ for most of us but when we’re low or ill we tend to go for the dairy products seems to be the best healthy items one can vouch on. But, do you know that consuming dairy products while on periods can make the situations worsen as it contains arachidonic acids which makes the cramps go on a crazy level and can make your period worse.


what to eat on your period to help


We totally understand how irritating it gets when you get to suffer from the same kind of atrocious pain every month. In order to make yourself feel good and trick your mind to think of something other than those terrifying cramps, you think of eating food all the time especially the one you shouldn’t.  If you go with our word then we would suggest you to not eat foods having high carbohydrates as it makes you feel more tired and lazy which you already are and hence, worsening the situation.

Fried eateries

Foods to avoid during periods

Fried foods contain trans fats which increase mood swings during periods and increases fats in the body making you regret it later.

Our Take

So, Ladies and girls, now that you have a fair idea about foods to avoid during periods, You need to think twice before you eat anything to make your periods less painful and more bearable.

TIP: Make your diet balanced and add bananas, oranges, yoghurt, corn, carrots, leafy green veggies and dark chocolates (not too much!) to your diet during periods.


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