Cannabis; a boon or bane?

From crushing the stuff to separating seeds and rolling a blunt, a lot grew up to be revolutionaries. Cannabis is a God’s gift to mankind and is a psychoactive (something that alters normal brain functioning) substance. Marijuana, Pot, Grass, Herb, and Weed are a few names to frame it. Cannabis is a naturally occurring substance from the family of Cannabaceae. And consists of three species namely Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis, with two majorly active chemicals with medicinal properties. Those are cannabidiol (CBD) – which mostly impacts the brain without a high, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – which has pain relieving functions.

Cannabis or the Hemp plant is claimed to be originally found in Central Asia around 500 BC before being introduced to Europe, Africa and America(eventually) by the people. Most of the cultural practices were medicinal back then. Burned Cannabis seeds were found in the graves of Shamans of China and Siberia but the scenario has turned pretty differently as of today.

With an outgrowing rate of increase in users from the past few years, cannabis is in the recent questioning of being legalized for good. And if cannabis was regulated in the first place properly, there would’ve been no abuse of it.benefits of cannabis

People who don’t smoke it, don’t know what it feels like. There is a mental dependency that it can create for a factor. We live in a world where normal prescription drugs kill much more people than anything. But a genuine aid that won’t kill you is at least better than the cup of caffeine you can’t live without a day and claim you are not into drugs.

Cannabis as an aid 

Smoking cannabis was technically utilized for meditational purposes, for a reason. Be it 4:20 am or pm, it’s 420 somewhere! A reason is enough to let go of your counter thoughts to get out of your head for a second and mellow out. Seriously, what can getting your head in a box full of anxiety, give you? Because relaxation is just one of the benefits of pot. Following are a few things you’d feel at an instant after consuming a regular and a genuine dosage:

  • You feel relaxed and mellowed out.
  • It kills nausea.
  • Gives you the liberation of thoughts.
  • Can be used to treat Glaucoma.
  • Increases creativity and understanding.
  • Increases lung capacity. (Oh Yes!)
  • Can help control seizures.
  • CBD helps cancer from spreading!
  • Perfect painkiller, and MUCH MORE!

When something as simple as a naturally occurring plant can resolve so much, why can’t we just let it? A herb that can simply make you think better can really be a bad influence?


21 states that now allow the medicinal use of marijuana according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Where the rate of prescription drugs and painkillers intake reduced to a magical 2.3% all over.

Our take:

We don’t appreciate the abuse of marijuana at all but let’s just take a moment to take a good look around us…do we not really need help for all of us? With tons of issues to be sorted by one simple plant. What makes it illegal really? Stats prove that the deaths happened because of illicit or illegal drugs is not even comparable to the damage done by the legal pharmaceuticals and products! You simply get addicted to tea, coffee, soft drinks, junk, etc. A simple denial to deal with, that we all, are drug consumers after all. Let us simply break this taboo by if not consuming obviously, but simply understanding what it is.

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